Auditing helps to improve the efficiency, competency, competiveness and profitability of businesses. For many insurance clients it is an essential requirement...
On-Site Assessment Training is invaluable to companies and employees, providing the necessary mentoring and guidance so often forgotten...At DSM we recognise that your time is valuable

which is why you should use ours

Benefits of an Audit...

The benefits of an audit are numerous. Audits can improve a company’s efficiency and profitability by helping the management better understand their own managment, operating and financial systems. The management, and other stakeholders, are also assured that the risks in their organisation are well-studied, and effective systems are in place to handle them.

Audits can also identify areas in an organisation’s operating structure that need improvement, and how to implement the proper changes and adjustments. Having an audit also lessens the risk and therefore the cost of capital.

An audit can uncover inaccuracies and discrepancies within an organisation’s records and systems, which may be indications of underlying problems - problems that can always be rectified...

Our auditors have the necessary knowledge, experience and competency as well as having a unique broad perspective in damage management, which they apply to deliver effective analyses and relevant information. Management can use this information to evaluate the company and implement measures necessary to meet their objectives.

Desk-top Audits

We appreciate that dealing with claims is a time consuming process and that you may not have the time ot the necessary skill to identify discrepancies, escalating costs or fraudelent activity.
We will audt the claim using our knowledge and experience and provide you with a full report, conclusions of detailed findings and recommendations for action...


Full Site Audits

If you are experienceing any issues with a claim then it is probably time to commision an independent site audit - whether its due to a customer compaint, escalating costs or even if its just for reassurance.
We will audt the claim using our knowledge and experience and provide you with a full report, conclusions of detailed findings and recommendations for action...


Organisations, their employees and individuals are already seeing the benefits of OSAP in their workplace. These include:

  • Helping technicians achieve vital skills so they achieve certification & qualification
  • Taking account of existing skills so technicians only train towards the things they don't know how to do
  • Reduced downtime in production as it's carried out on site
  • Being easier for employees for whom reading or writing is difficult
  • Achieving qualifications to demonstrate competency to existing & potential clients and customers
  • More qualified and competent employees, who do the job better, complete work faster, have fewer accidents, and waste less time correcting mistakes
  • A more employable, quality focused, highly motivated and disciplined workforce

At DSM we provide an On-Site Assessment Programme (OSAP) designed to train and assess technicians and practitioners in the workplace. OSAP compliments classroom based learning, turning the pre-requisite knowledge into practical application and skills.

Additionally, OSAP helps new and experienced technicians get the skills, certification and qualifications to prove they can do the job competently. It can help turn their existing skills and experience into a nationally recognised qualification such as the BDMA Technician or Senior Technician.

The whole process is carried out whilst on site so employees don't have to take un-necessary time off to attend courses.

'On-Site Assessments confirms quality and competence in the workplace, creating a greater awareness of management and operational issues.'

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